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Top 10 Reasons to Consider Using a Natural Alternative to Sleeping Tablets.

Written by Franny Treymaine - 8th June 2016

There are several different types of prescription medication that are designed to help patients sleep more easily but this can come with adverse side-effects which can adversely affect your quality of life and has in some cases led to the death of patients.

Here are the TOP 10 reasons to think about using a natural alternative to prescription sleeping pills.

10. Rebound Insomnia – If & When you stop taking a sleeping pill prescription the insomnia can return – sometimes worse than before!

9. Drug Tolerance – Over time if you take prescribed sleeping pills you may develop a tolerance for the medication and need to use a higher dosage to get the same effects on your sleep – this of course can lead to increased severity of side effects.

8. Underlying health problems can be hidden by just treating insomnia – You may have a physical or mental health disorder which is causing your insomnia but which cannot be treated by sleeping pills.

7. Risks when driving or operating machinery – Depending on the sleeping pill you are prescribed there is a chance that it can affect your ability to react to complex decision-making situations when driving, and be more likely to be in an accident as a result. Research published in the American Journal of Public Health in 2015 showed that the effect of taking some types of sleeping pills can be as severe as drink-driving; with one brand Ambien more than doubling the chances of people who were taking it from the sample group having an accident while driving.

6. Withdrawal Symptoms – Stopping taking sleeping pills can result in nausea, sweating and involuntary shaking!

5. Allergic Reactions – Some sleeping pills can cause severe allergic reactions including facial swelling.

4. Sleeping pills interaction with other medication – Using sleeping pills in conjunction with other medication can worsen the side-effects of other medication. This is potentially very dangerous and in some cases can be deadly. When Heath Ledger was found dead in his apartment in New York City 2008 a cocktail of drugs including sleeping pills and antidepressants was found in the apartment.

3. Drug Dependence – You might end up relying on the pills to get to sleep and be unable to get to sleep without them. Because your bod y will become more tolerant to the pills overtime you may have to take more to get the same effect which can lead to dependence on the pills both physical and psychological.

2. Physical Side Effects – There are several different types and brands of sleeping pills which can have different side effects including the following – Dry Mouth, Dizziness, Prolonged sleepiness, diarrhoea, rashes, nausea and vomiting, decreased sex drive, chest pain, abdominal pain, light-headedness, amnesia, muscle weakness, co-ordination problems, low blood pressure, blurred vision, liver damage even liver failure, constipation, sweating, cardiac complications and seizures.

1. Death – Accidental overdoses from sleeping pills do very sadly happen. Recently speculation has linked the death of former WWE star Chyna to an accidental overdose of prescription sleeping pills – in her case Valium & Ambien.

Considering all these risks associated with prescription sleeping pills it makes sense to consider natural alternatives. HealphiYou Goodnight Calm contains chamomile extract, a gentle sedative. It also contains L-Tryptophan, a substance our body can change into Serotonin and Vitamin B6 – the vitamin which helps it to undertake this process. This means that Goodnight Calm helps to relax you and boost your mood – a perfect combination for getting a good night’s sleep!

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