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Rosie Rascal Harte Professional Athlete Video Day 30

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Sarah, Day 1 – Day 14 with Videos

I have been taking HelphiYou for 4 weeks now and can honestly say it’s helped me handle the tough things in life so much better 😊 HelphiYou is not the magic solution to life woes, but it has  helped me to stay focused and positive, even when life has thrown its curve balls!! If you

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Rosie Rascal Harte, Professional Bodybuilder and Dancer

Rosie Rascal Harte Professional Bodybuilder and Dancer Feel good vitamins. I’m trialling these morning and night #healphiyou vitamins. They aim to increase natural serotonin levels, concentration levels,memory and cognitive ability. I’m on day 2 and I’d like to keep a little log of any changes I notice. First off here’s the reasons why I wanted

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Christine – Nurse from Leeds

I was lucky enough to be able to trial these capsules and have been taking the natural day time capsules  for a while now. Since I have started taking these tablets, my focus has improved. My brain function in general is better. I can concentrate more. My memory is better as well. I used to

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Helen, Day 7 of HealphiYou

HealphiYou, Day 7 Feeling more energetic on a morning after a good night’s well rested sleep, making me feel like I  want to get up on a dark morning to exercise with the goodnight calm. Morning vitality makes me more awake for my busy day ahead looking after the little one and running round after

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