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Top 7 Reasons to Consider Using a Natural Alternative to Antidepressants

Depression is often seen as a difficult and taboo subject to discuss and consequently the treatment of depression with antidepressants has seen very little research and discussion amongst medical professionals. However recent research has brought into question how effective antidepressants are in the treatment of depression which given the known side-effects of numerous antidepressants drugs

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Healthy Pride versus Unhealthy Pride – What is the difference?

To me healthy pride is humbling as it is personal to your own achievements without the need to compare your achievements to others and ultimately judge them by “your” standards and demands; this is unhealthy pride. Healthy pride is a graceful feeling of self nourishment, self acceptance and self love. A feel good feeling that

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Is Justin Bieber really the answer?

Is Justin Bieber really the answer? Is strength simply the ability to love yourself? So what does the word strength conjure up to you in the HealphiYou community? These questions are so beautiful to explore in my mind. To chew over and look at from different angles. I hear the song of Justin Bieber play…

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